Trusted by Hundreds of Satisfied Customers and with over 25 years of experience, Sir Clean is the only ALL-IN-ONE Company that will help you, and your Business with all your needs!

This is one of the things we do best

Keep our Customers Satisfied

5 Stars Experience

Hundreds of Happy Customer and over 95.000 hours of 5 Star Services, and BBB A+ Accredited Business!

Local Professional Technicians

With over 25 years of Expertise, with over 90.000 hours of service, and last Technology Equipment and Formation, we can Guarantee the best results and Complete Satisfaction.

We are Local and Owner-Operated Business!

24/7 Multi-Service

Sir Clean offers a vast Selection of High Professional Services, from Janitorial to Mold Remediation, passing through Restoration and Emergency Services.

We are always a call away, with Professional Customer Service available 24/7

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Camila Ferrera
Camila Ferrera
Really great service and value. Does not disappoint. Thank you!
Laura Paredes
Laura Paredes
Sir Clean is the most professional and effective clean company I have worked with. They are very punctual, diligent and careful. Their services are excellent and they really cared about their customers satisfaction. Their personnel was very respectful and honest. I will definitely continue working with them in the future.
Marisela Bracho
Marisela Bracho
100% recommended. For small cleanups or big messes, they always get the job done right.
Anasofia Cedeno
Anasofia Cedeno
We hired Sir Clean to clean our facility and the crew was professional and well equipped...
Brayan Gomez
Brayan Gomez
They make a verte good restoration of the water damage in my office... Great customer service
Joel Villegas
Joel Villegas
Great service and very friendly and prepared staff
quality health
quality health
Very professional!!! Best service hands-down in my opinion. Very detailed, clean, and puts passion into his work I highly recommend this company..
Julianne Lake
Julianne Lake
The team was professional, courteous, and most importantly, they did a great job! This was a post construction cleaning, so everything was dusty and dirty. I can happily move in with confidence that my house is clean.
doris delgado
doris delgado
I would recommend Sir Clean to anyone needing cleaning services. Nicolas was helpful, professional and efficient. He used the lastest equipment and brought everything needed to do a great job. I look forward to my next service. Thank you, Sir Clean!
Nicolas Ignacio Chomali
Nicolas Ignacio Chomali
Excellent cleaning company, good quality price, they do each job in detail and with a lot of professionalism 100% recommended, they are responsible, punctual and very friendly

Janitorial Services

Professional Janitorial Services, for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential.

From Janitorial to Carpet Cleaning, from Deep Cleaning to Post Construction Cleanup, and from Inside to Outside services,
We get your cover!


We offer only Professional Janitorial Services, for High-end Homes, Mansions, Villas and Apartments, as well of Air B&B!

Our High-Skilled workers, with state of the art equipment and training, will make your Home ready to be Enjoyable, after our Services, you will finally feal Home!

We do NOT subcontract any job, we only offer Direct Services so that we can keep the Prices Low and the Quality High by having complete control of the Services!


With Sir Clean, you can finally relax and leave your Business to the Professionals!

From Commercial Restaurants to Multi Office complexes, you finally can count on one Company that can take care of your Business in all its needs, and make your work environment Healthier and Cleaner, for your Employees and Customers!

Sir Clean Commercial Division, you covered you for Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Special Services, and Emergency Service or Restoration!


No Job is too big for Sir Clean!

With Thousands of hours of Experience in Industrial facilities, we can keep your Industrial environment Cleaner and Safer for your Employees and Customers.

With our 24/7 availability and well-trained employees, we can provide the service that you need!

Carpet, Upholstery & Mattress Cleanup

We offer qualified personnel and high-quality equipment to make your carpet, rug, sofa, and mattress as good as new.

We will remove all the spots, organic stains, and pet urine, and protect them with 3M™ Scotchgard. Then, we will sanitize your mattress and sofa with UV-C + chemical sanitizers, making them like new – fresh, and free of bacteria, viruses, and germs!

Pressure Cleaning

Sir Clean will provide Professional Pressure Cleaning Service, from Commercial Sidewalks & Parking Lot to your Home Patio and Driveway!

Special Gum Removal Service Available!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

We will take care of your indoor Floors with a Professional Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning and Sealing Service, we can also help you to restore your Wood Floor!

We can serve Commercial and Residential.

Windows Cleaning

Let us make your house bright and beautiful. We will provide special cleaning services for your balconies, windows, fixtures, doors, railings, outdoor furniture, gardens, and patios.

We provide special window cleanings after a renovation for interior and exterior cleaning!

Post-Construction & Post-Fumigation Cleanup

We provide this cleaning service to get your home, office or restaurant sparkling clean after any type of remodeling or pest-control treatments.

Contact us for a free inspection, we will provide the service that will make your home or commercial shine again!

The Secrets of a Healthy Place


Keep Air Dry and Fresh, it will help reduce mold and bacteria growth, and minimize Odors


Allow Sunlight  to light your day, direct sunlight is a great partner for an Healthy Place


Keep your Place Dust Free, carpets and mattresses hide places for millions of mites, bacteria, and germs


Keeping a regular Cleaning Schedule and Air Quality Control, are good habits that will keep your place Healthy


Assessment & Remediation

Sir Clean is here to help you in Asses and Remediate any mold issue.
We are Mold Assessor and Remediator Licensed, we Provide high-Level results thanks to our Experienced Technicians, and upper-class equipment, either for any Assessment or Remediation.

We can also help you understand if your Home has any LEAD Paint, we are LEAD Renovator Licensed and LEAD FIRM Certified by EPA. 

We are well-trained State Licensed and Certified in Mold Assessment, Mold Remediation, and much more…


  • FIRE

In those, and more situations we can assist you by providing a high-level Assessment and Remediation.

DBPR Licenses; MRSR4532 – MRSA4462

LEAD Safe Renovator Certificate; #1908

Mold Assessment

In case you Suspect or Sure to have a Mold Problem in your Home or Business, the First and Most important step is to identify the cause and how much and which of the 300,000 species of mold do you have in your property.

The only way to have all those answers is to perform an Assessment, so that we can understand IF – WHY – WHERE & WHICH Mold you have in your property.

To evaluate this, we use several Hi-Tech pieces of equipment such as “Hi-Resolution Thermal Camera, Moisture Meter, Air Particle Counter, Endoscope, UV Black Light, and more”, as well as Testing Equipment like Air Sampling, Swaps, ATP, Petri Dish, and more, which are analyzed by our Third Party Lab – PRO-LAB!

After the Inspection and the LAB results, you will receive an Assessment Report that will answer all your questions and give a Protocol for the Mold Remediation Company, which is indispensable to getting a proper quote on Mold Remediation.

We always suggest to have your Third-party Post Remediation Verification after the Remediation Company perform the Remediation, but before the walls, cavities etc, are put in place!

Mold Remediation

Mold Removal is the process by which Sir Clean State Licensed Technicians will;

  1. Review the Assessor Report
  2. Perform a Risk Assessment
  3. Evaluate the Protocol, Machines, and Equipment to use
  4. Discuss with Customer Details, Insurance Coverages, and Prices
  5. Contain the Area to avoid any Cross-Contamination
  6. Remove all the Affected Material
  7. Removal of any Spore from Air and Surfaces
  8. Wait for a Post Remediation Verification from a third-party Assessor
  9. Rebuild
  10. Deliver the Job Report
  11. Air Quality Verification
  12. Enjoy your Mold Free Property



Our Licensed Technicians will drive your Families or Business in this delicate situation, with maximum Professionalism and Confidentiality.



We are Licensed to Generate, Transport, Handling and Disposal of Biohazard Material with the Florida Department of Health Lic. #7839


WaterFire Damage Restoration

Every Second Counts, act Quickly, and avoid Secondary Damages

Do not let The Fire or Water, Damage also Your Dreams!! DON’T LOSE TIME, ANY SECOND WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

Secondary Damages like Mold or Structural Damage can start to occur as fast as 24 hrs. after the Water or Fire Damage has occurred.

Sir Clean Will take care of your Water Damage in a complete way, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve in this situation! Sir Clean will take care of the Inspection to the Insurance Bureaucracy up to the final Clean Up and Sanitation!

We will manage the Moving of your Furniture, Dry your Walls and Floors, and Clean and Sanitize your Place! We want You to RELAX and let make Sir Clean Specialist, take care of you in ALL the Steps, with no other intermediary company!

Don’t let the Water Damage your Dreams too!!

Will not matter where the water comes from, we are Certified  to manage your Restoration from the Cleaning water  “CAT 1” to the  Sewage “CAT 3 “ Water Loss, and from CLASS 1 to  CLASS 4.
Our Hi-Tech Equipment and Trained Technicians will Mitigate, Restore, Clean and Sanitize your Property.


While CATEGORY indicates the level of Contaminant in the same “1 to 3 with 3 being the higher”, the CLASS indicates how much water is present and the type of material that is absorbing the water, classes are arranged by the difficulty and time needed to dry out an area. “1 to 4 with 4 being the higher”


This Damages occur when a natural event like Hurricane, Flooding, Storm are enough severe to cause damage to property, from roof to ground level flooding, this event often cause a CAT.3 and CLASS 4 water loss.


Leaks are the most common cause of water damage, from broken pipe to a forgotten open sink, your property damage can get from CAT. 1 to CAT. 3 if not immediately resolved!


This is one of the most dangerous Water Loss you can have, this occur when “Black” highly contaminated water enter in your property, this loss often require a Biohazard Decontamination and Special Protocols in order to return the property in a safe environment.

Hoarder Property Cleanup

Why Hoarder is a Serious matter?

We proudly provide hi-level support to the Hoarder and their own families. We can manage any kind of situation and collaborate with the law enforcement agencies and the families that need our help. We GUARANTEE the maximum professionalism and confidentiality in any situation.
Other than the Emotional aspect of the problem, when a Hoarder Situation is present, there are several and not let serious issues that certainly must be considered, potential consequences of serious hoarding include health and safety concerns, such as fire hazards, tripping hazards, and health code violations.
Dealing with a Hoarder Situation is not just removing the Items from the Home to the Dumpsters, Hoarder is a Serious matter where both Feeling and Highly Hazardous Work Conditions are mixed and kept in consideration.

Odor Removal & Air Quality Test

Healthy Air Quality is a Healthy Place

Sir Clean uses state-of-the-art products, equipment and techniques to rid your home of pervasive odors, getting to the source and leaving your place smelling fresh.

Air Quality Test can be required after our services, or separately in case the customer wants to evaluate the cleanliness of its own business/home.

While ATP Testing will Ensure the surfaces are Property Clean and Sanitized, our AIR Quality Test will analyze the Air, and tell us if your environment is SAFE under the quality standards, by analyzing Temperature, Humidity, and various different Particles Size presents in the environment.

Odor Removal Steps and Techniques

Odors result from airborne chemicals, gases, or tiny particles. Once their source is removed, our technicians will use the science of deodorization in conjunction with a variety of products and procedures designed to remove odors.

Some of these include:

remove the source

Removal of the Source that Cause the Odor is the first and most important Step.

Source can caused by Fire, Organic Matte, Smoke and Gas. By Recreating the Condition that Cause the Odor, we will be able to remove the Primary Source.

In base of the source of the Odor, we will use a variety of Technics and Special Equipment.

We always remind Customers that each situation is different, and is always difficult give a sure plan or timeline, as some materials will absorb and release the Odor differently in base on; Odor Concentration, Response Time, Humidity, Source, and several other direct or indirect factors.

clean and disinfect

After removing the Source, is important to Thoroughly Clean all the surfaces and purify the air.

Some Odor just require some light Air Scrubbing with HEPA & Carbon Filter or Electric Filters, while more severe situation may require more aggressive technics like Ozone or Thermal Fogging, while some mild situation or where evacuation is not possible, we use Hydroxyl Generators, that will not use any dangerous chemical and can be use in occupied spaces like offices or home.

re-create & seal

When Odor is present, it usually enter into cavities, drywalls and penetrate materials.

We do recreate the source that cause the Odor in order to neutralize the Odor penetrated in cavities and materials.

In extreme case, or when Odor Removal will be impractical, the only solution will be to Seal the effected areas, atter the other Technics have been tried whitout results.